Baby Namings

Naming Ceremonies were one of the most important rituals in ancient times. In the time of the Romans  for instance, the child was not considered a member of the family until the father held the Naming Ceremony.  Today, the Baby Naming Ceremony for a child is still the most special celebration of a new life and can be conducted in a place of your choosing with a non-religious or semi-religious ceremony by your independent Lady Celebrant.

Lady Celebrants can design a bespoke ceremony and after celebration that is just right for you and your family. It can be as long or as short as you wish using your own special words to express your hopes and  dreams and pledges for the future benefit for your child or children. You can decide who will play a special part in the proceedings whether it be family members or close friends and supporting adults.

The welcoming of a child into a family and community is a time to mark commitment to the child, to uphold the well being and welfare of the newly born. Although the child can be of any age, this could be a time to include older children, who did not have a naming ceremony when they were younger.   It can also be a time when new step-children, or an adopted child can be welcomed into the family and for families to come together to unite and bond. For you as parents it can be a time to declare your promises to support and honour your child and be as good parents as you possibly can be, For family and friends a time to pledge their love and support for the child’s future development .

Lady Celebrants take much pleasure and have much experience in creating the correct sense of occasion, co-ordinating all your ideas and wishes to mark a memorable time for you, your family and friends!