Funeral Ceremonies

The death of a friend or loved one is a very emotionally difficult time for all of us and attending a Funeral Ceremony is never easy.  It is of the utmost importance to all the bereaved family to have a well prepared funeral service for a loved one and a ceremony that is unique, individual and delivered with compassion sincerity and care.  A funeral is the place where the family gets to say goodbye and we can help you with our specially prepared ceremonies.

It is widely thought that one must have a minister to conduct a funeral, even if the deceased did not have strong religeous beliefs. However there is an alternative and you can now plan a non, or semi religeous ceremony to suit your beliefs and attitudes. This can include hymns and prayers if desired, or they can be omitted entirely should you wish. One thing that is very important though, is that the service deserves to be remembered as uniquely representing and honouring that person’s life.

Although time soothes the grief we experience, the shock and loss of a person is hard and it is sometimes very difficult to see that life does indeed go on.   This is obviously a very sad time, but possibly an opportunity also, to celebrate a life that was once shared and cherished by family and loved ones.   It is also a time for special reflection, appropriate readings and poetry, all of which can be read by a lady celebrant should you want.

The sadness and grief can not be alleviated but a well prepared tribute befitting the life now past hopefully eases the pain for the present.